Key Dates

At FCYT we are following government guidelines in relation to the Coronavirus. 

Please read our Risk Assessment

🛑 On arrival please wait outside the studios by the cones until we can let you in. 
🛑 Please drop off at the door and collect at the door on time.
🛑 You will have your temperature checked by your class teacher.
🛑 Please remember to bring £1.50 for a bottle of cold bottle of water and a snack.
🛑 Please DONT bring snacks or drinks from home. 
🛑 Bring a note pad and pencil case that you are happy to leave in your tray.
🛑 No phone chargers - mobiles will stay in your tray.
🛑 If over the age of 11 please bring a mask with you.

12 April 2021

We have now returned to the studios for all classes.

Please complete an order form for new uniform.
T-shirt £14 (£16 with name)
Hoodie £24 with name
dance studio.jpg
Photo Credit: Geoffrey Ackers